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Every New Mom's Checklist

Getting pregnant is undoubtedly relished by many women and so bringing in a newborn baby can be daunting.Read more about mommy blogging at . Pregnancy comes with its share of joys and challenges, and such new changes and unknowns can be stressful especially if you don't know what to do or where to start. For starters, you would want everything to be perfect as this would give you the confidence to know that you are prepared and so to cope with the significant changes that occur in the body one would want to sleep comfortably. As the baby develops and grows in the womb, the uterus expands to accommodate the infant and sleeping on the back becomes painful.

Sleeping sideways is not always fun during pregnancy and so every woman at this time would need cozy pregnancy pillow to sleep well and wake up the next morning without feeling tired and without back pains. Regular pillows do not come in handy and are stressful as they always tend to move while you are sleeping making you wake up during the night due to discomfort. Pregnancy pillows reduce back pain and have scientifically backed evidence to show that using it would lead to better comfort during sleep. Pregnancy pillow serves every moms interest which is having a good sleep and waking every morning with a smile.

When the long-awaited day has arrived, and you have the baby in your arms you would want to have everything in order, and so you don't want to go crazy purchasing everything that comes your way. You would try and seek help from your mother in law who has probably dealt with similar situations and most certainly the first thing that she would tell you is about sleeping off the newborn baby. Newborn babies spend about 18 out of every 24 hours sleeping, and so you would want to put your baby to sleep and once in a while attend to your own needs. Read more about mommy blogging at . The baby safety at this time is very important, and so you would need a good sleeping place.

A crib with mattress, portable crib or a Moses basket fitted with a pair of sheets, 6-8 receiving blankets, a baby monitor and maybe a small fun for air circulation so that your baby will establish good sleeping habits which will, in turn, facilitate your sleep as you do not want a crying baby during the wee hours of the night. Also, it is important for every mom to have a checklist diapers as no baby checklist would be complete without covering this. Changing diapers is not always pleasant especially if it your first time and am very sure you are not going to like it.

So to deal with this one would ensure that you equip yourself with obvious which would include diaper rash remedy, 23- 30 cloth diaper, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, inserts and liners and also a basket or a diaper holder for keeping diapers orderly if using disposable diapers.Read more about

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